What if I have a problem with E-Coupons or Insta-Cart?
Both sites are third party services. Any issues will need to be resolved with each site respectively. This includes user name and password resets.

How do I get your weekly ad emailed to me?
We do not email the ad directly. However, you can join our Weekly Ad reminder list to get a reminder email to view our ad online.

What is your coupon policy?
We accept all manufacturer coupons for items that we carry and internet coupons under $2.00 value. We do not accept any "FREE" internet coupons or expired or photo copied coupons.

How do I request a donation?
Please fax donation requests to (847) 741-9674.

I am new vendor. How do I present new items?
​We have open buying on Tuesday's, from 9am to noon, at the corporate office in Elgin.